Client :

DSH Innovation, France

Category :

Visual Identity Design, Packaging

Industry :


deLivrables :

Logos, product labels, packaging

DSH Styling Shampoos

Hair care products

“Dsh Innovation entrusted me with the creation of the visual identity for three product lines intended for hairstylists: Styling Pro, Technique Thalasso, and Biofix. Each product line has a distinct visual style.”

The Styling Pro brand

Styling Pro logo visual concept
Visual concept
Styling Pro - Product Packaging Design DSH
Final result

The Technique Thalasso brand

Techniques Thalasso brand logo

The Biofixaspray brand

Biofixa Spray brand Logo
Product Packaging Design DSH
Graphic research on the visual concept of the spray bottle
Product Packaging Design DSH
Bottle design and product label layout
Styling Pro brand label layout
Styling Pro brand label layout
Product Label design
Label on bottle

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