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Recruitment in the IT sector

“Igortek is a company specializing in recruiting professionals in the field of information technology and information sciences. The objective of this case study is to detail the process of creating the logo, highlighting the concepts, design choices, and the associated visual significance.”

Visual Identity Design for igortech
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Context and Objectives

The igortech logo is designed to reflect the dynamic and innovative nature of the IT industry while communicating the company’s mission in recruiting exceptional talents. The central concept relies on an elegant fusion of the letters ‘i’ and ‘t’ in the form of a hashtag symbol (#), symbolizing integration and connectivity within the realm of new information technology.


The logo’s shape is sleek and contemporary, representing the subtle fusion of the letters ‘i’ and ‘t’ in the hashtag symbol. This approach aims to evoke a modern and technological image while maintaining the simplicity necessary for instant recognition.

Color palette

The color palette has been carefully chosen to convey vitality and stability. The main color, green, is associated with growth, innovation, and the dynamic nature of the IT industry. Black, as a secondary color, adds a touch of elegance and professionalism, emphasizing igortech’s reliability in recruiting high-quality talents.

Visual Significance

  1. Letter Fusion: The combination of the letters ‘i’ and ‘t’ evokes the idea of union and synergy, highlighting [igortek]’s ability to connect IT professionals with suitable opportunities.
  2. Hashtag Symbol: The hashtag symbol (#) reinforces the association with information technologies while suggesting the promotion of visibility and connectivity in the professional domain.


The Igortek logo embodies a strong visual identity that reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and quality in IT recruitment.

The creative fusion of letters and the judicious choice of colors contribute to creating a distinctive, memorable image that aligns with the spirit of the industry.

Logo concept for igortech
Logo concept
Concept research for igortech
Concept research
Final concept for igortech
Final concept
Color palette - igortech
Color palette
Logo variation - igortech - black and white
Logo variation - igortech - white
Logo variation - igortech - green
Logo variation - igortech - black
Carte de visite - igortech
Carte de visite - igortech
Carte de visite - igortech

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