Client :

Mira Beauty LTD, Morocco / KSA

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Visual Identity Design




Logotype, Identity Design, packaging.

Mira Beauty

Cosmetic products based on vegetable oils brand

“The logo was designed to convey elegance, simplicity, and newness.

The symbol used is a geometric character inspired by Arabic calligraphy, specifically the “Koufi” style, representing the name “Mira” (ميرا in Arabic). This represents the brand’s cultural identity, which is contained in the name’s first letter, the letter “M.”

Logo concept for Mira Beauty
Logo concept
More about the project

My mission was to develop a visual identity for the cosmetic product brand Mira by creating a logo, labels, and consistent packaging for various brand products. The labels were designed to highlight the natural ingredients used in the products while reflecting the quality and effectiveness of the product.

The creation of the visual identity for the Mira brand was an exciting project, full of challenges that we overcame together, enabling the brand to take a lead in the Moroccan cosmetics market.

Color palette Mira Beauty
Color palette
Visual concept Mira Beauty
Visual concept
Packaging design Mira Beauty
Packaging design Mira Beauty

Creation of a series of designs for product labels and boxes.

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